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The Power Commander III USB  

The Power Commander III USB is a fuel injection and adjustment unit that plugs "inline" with the bike's stock ECU. The Power Commander III USB uses original equipment style connectors so that no splicing or cutting of the harness is required.

Most installations take less than a hour, depending on model and make of machine.. Changes are made to the bikes fuel curves via the Power Commander III USB's onboard microprocessor. Using this technology a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bike's ECU (electronic control unit) is obtained. If you remove the Power Commander III USB it returns the bike to its previous stock condition.

The unit also comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file.

How much additional horsepower will the Power Commander give me?

Well that can depend upon many things but what we can tell you is "The perfect air/fuel ratio will ensure that the engine can produce the maximum possible horsepower for that given combination". We must also understand that a typical street rider spends a great deal of time riding in part throttle conditions. Shown below are two graphs of a motorcycle before and after installation of the Power Commander III USB.

The top graph shows the horsepower curve accelerating at a 40% throttle opening and the lower graph shows the corresponding air / fuel ratio. You can see a large horsepower increase between the two. The red curve shows a typical stock motorcycle with minor performance modifications (slip-on exhaust). The blue curve shows that same combination with the Power Commander III USB installed and you can see that the line is nearly straight. So the rider will feel a large improvement while riding the motorcycle and it is very possible that the peak wide open throttle horsepower is unchanged. The correct air/fuel ratio number (say 12.9:1 or 13.2:1) depends upon many factors like combustion chamber design but what we want is that figure at every point in the curve (straight line).

How can I tune with the Power Commander III USB?

Base Map:-

The Power Commander III USB is supplied with a given (base) map stored in the microprocessor. This (base map) is typically a map that has been developed to provide an improvement for most combinations matching the map description (i.e. stock bike or performance exhaust and air filter). In general we have found that a typical stock bike has areas in the fuel curve that are far from optimal for drive-ability and performance. We could say that they are typically 70% optimised in stock condition and 60% - 65% with minor performance modifications. After installation of the Power Commander III USB with the base map, we would expect to see 85%-95% optimisation.

Alternate Maps:-

Each Power Commander III USB is supplied with a number of alternate maps on a CD-ROM and all the maps are available for download on our website. You may notice that there is a map specifically for "Brand A" slip-on exhaust and another for "Brand B" slip-on exhaust. Although the difference between the two maps is likely to be very small, these difference will increase the optimisation for that given combination. If you have a "Brand C" exhaust and we do not have a specific map, you should find that "Brand A" or Brand B" maps will provide a good improvement on your bike.

If you do not have a Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP computer and you require a special map that Dynojet has developed, ask your dealer to upload that special map at the same time you purchase the Power Commander III USB. Some dealers have invested in a Power Programmer from Dynojet which allows them to connect any PC to their computer and upload any of the maps available from the CD-ROM or web-site.

Face Plate Buttons:-

You can change the fuel curve with the faceplate buttons. This is a simple adjustment that can move the fuel curve richer or leaner in each area of the map. (Please refer to the paper installation guide or adjustment video on the CD-ROM).

Computer Mapping:-

If you have a Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP computer, you can upload alternate maps or make changes to the existing map using the Control Center software and link cable supplied with your Power Commander III USB. (Detailed Software tutorials and quick reference software screen shots are available on the CD-ROM or web-site).

How do I get 100% optimisation?:-

First ask yourself is it necessary? You installed the Power Commander III USB, you noticed a positive improvement and the most annoying problems like overheating, surging or pinging have been eliminated. In this state you are probably 90% optimised. If you desire 100% optimisation or you require a custom map for a special application, you must select a dealer that has the proper equipment and training to accomplish this for a reasonable cost and without damage to your motorcycle.